Easy and comfortable machine

Optimal® BP mower is effective, long-life and safety machine. These mowers are well-suited for lawns, park, pastureland and wastelands. Mowers have strong construction and these are equipped with required cardanshaft. Optimal® mowers are with different working width and for different types of tractors.

❖ robust construction and long-life transmission
❖ good ground following with support wheels or roller
❖ easy maintenance
❖ with high efficiency and low recommended power

❖ support roller
❖ 2 support wheels

Strong attachment of knives

Robust connection for double knife holder to manage greater stress. The hardened knives are made of high quality steel and are fastened with a strong knife bolts of 20mm.

Best cutting result

Width (cm)Rotors (pcs)Blades (pcs)Cutting height (cm)Driving speed (km/h)Power consumed (hj)Support legsRollSupport wheelsWeight (kg)
185242-14up to 1216/20standardadditional equipmentadditional equipment365