OÜ SAME has been producing cultivators since 1992. Since then, the working widths of cultivators have increased significantly to make work more efficient and profitable.

The cultivator can be conditionally divided into four working areas:

  • LEVELING: Active or Table Slider – Levels irregularities on the threshold
  • CULTIVATION: Loosening silage – loosens soil layer up to 12 cm deep
  • SEALING: Rollers – crushing larger soil banks and compacting the soil
  • CRUSHING: Tine harrow – loosening up to 3 cm of topsoil

The best machine for preparing a high quality seedbed.

Compressed soil remains in the drilling depth to ensure good seed contact.

Sufficient pieces of soil remain on the surface to retain moisture.

The distance between the tines is 9 cm. On models with working widths of 6, 8, 10 and 12 meters, the frame is hydraulically foldable.

K-2,0K-3,0K-4,0K-5,0K - 6,0SK - 8,0SK - 10,0SK - 12,0S
Power required (kW/hj)15/2030/4040/5550/7065/8580/110110/150130/180
Working width (m)2345681012
Number on spikes(pcs)17253341517794116
Distance between spikes (cm) * *
Size of spike (mm)
10x3210x3210x3210x3210 x 3210 x 3212 x 3212 x 32
Number of front spikes (pcs)
Number of supporting wheels22224444
Size of supporting wheels15x610x4,510x4,510x4,520,5 x 823 x 10,526,0 x 1226,0 x 12
Number of harrow spikes (pcs)
Diam. of harrow spikes (mm)
Need of hydraulic
Weight (kg)

** S-tines distance are given from tines center to tines center.