Flexible de-icing

Optimal® disc spreaders are equipped with a stirring roller, feeding screw and spreader disc that spread materials over the area with width up to 8 meters. Spreader and disc speeds can be continually adjusted. When the driver stops a hydraulic shutter is closed to save the materials. More capacity, reduced driving time and reduced material use – these are advantages, that give economical and environmental benefits.

Professional user comfort

The basic design of DS1000-1500 is supplied with mechanical operation for spreading amount and spreading width which can be continually adjusted using the two levers at the tractor’s side of spreader.

Optimal® Control Plus

„Control Plus“ electric operation means road-based control through user-frendly terminal. This means that the spreading amounts can be automatically adjusted depending on the machine’s speed. All settings can be adjusted using the monitor next to the driver’s seat. During and after operation the driver is always informed of the amount being spread the distance travelled and spreaded area..

Parts of Stainless steel

The spreader disc, the bolted distribution wings and the hydraulic shutter are made of stainless steel.

Safety grill

Safety grill are standard on all disk spreaders. It prevents large objects from coming down to the outfeed screw.

GPS speed sensor

You need GPS speed sensor if you select option Control-Plus and can not take speed control signal from the tractor's DIN connector.


Equip the spreader with transmitter rod and hyrdaulic top link and the spreader becomes self-loading of the material - saving the need for an extra tractor and thus both time and money.

Adjustment of the spreading angle

By adjusting the spreading angle you avoid damaging parked cars.
The spreading angle is set mechanically, but hydraulic control is available as an option.

Choose Control-Eco or Control-Plus

Control-Eco system means that spreading amount and working width can be operated from the electric control box inside the cab. Control-Plus means that the spreading amount is adjusted automatically after the tractor's driving speed then the driver receives the information during and after the work of spreading amount, mileage and area.

 DS 2500
Spreading width (m)2-8 m
Connection frameVOLVO/STORA BM
Volume (l)2500
Width (mm)2400
Height (mm)1630
Recommend oil flow (l/min) (bar)35 (180)
Weight (kg)980
320134CONTROL PLUS - Kit for DS
320355CONTROL ECO - Kit for DS
320132Hydraulic top link DS1200-1700
SP 1000 / 24-1Safety lattice for all models
320106Trafficlights LED set DS set of two
320114Transmitter rod (DS1000 – DS1500)
90-02371GPS velocity sensor,12V DIN for road dependent spreading
Cover curtain, self-retracting with built-in metal spring (for all models)