Optimal sweeper buckets effectively collect large pieces of debris, making it suitable for cleaning industrial areas, harbours, saw mills and newly asphalted surfaces etc.
Very large pivoting, high pressure dust collection, side brush and more options guarantee that the sweeper bucket can be tailored to a machine that meets your needs – in the most cost-effective way.

Effective cleaning results

With help from the very large pivot, the sweeper bucket carefully follows the ground’s shape and collects all debris in one go.

Easy maintenance

It is easy to replace the bucket’s slats as the sweeping rollers can be easily removed. Even the lubrication points can be easily accessed.

Wearable parts that can be quickly replaced

The bucket’s wearable parts come in standard measurements and are easy to replace. The mudguard’s arches are available as spare parts and can be replaced individually.


The simple, reliable design with its large collection capacity makes the sweeping bucket the perfect choice for diverse work places.

Make the bucket even more versatile with help from additional equipment

Additions such as metal side brushes, high-pressure dust collection system and pressure washers simplify operation and increase the bucket’s area of use.

Measurements A150 cm
Measurements B180 cm
Measurements C95 cm
Measurements D100 cm
Measurements E160 cm
Measurements F70 cm
Water tank volume150 l
Debris container's effective volume380 l
Empty weight (excl. attachment)480 kg
Recommended oil flow45 l/min
Oil pressure (min-max)160-230 bar
Req. machine size3,5 - 5 tonnes

High pressure system for dust binding H150-270. Incl. water tank, 150-500
litres depending on model.
H310Pressure washer incl. hose reel (used with high pressure system).
Water injection system Incl. water tank, 150-500 litres depending on model.
S261Side brush
63215Support wheel H150-180
63214Support wheel H220-270
600/601Electric valve 12/24 V. Reduces coupling from 4 to 2 hydraulic hoses.
K320Hydraulic flow distributor (required for flow over 80 l/min).
Number of connection frames (Euro, Trima/SMS, Stora-BM etc.) are
available, contact Same or visit www.Same.ee