Optimal® hydraulic mowers are strudy machines and suitable for clearing uneven terrain in tough conditions.

The mowers cutting heads come in two operating sizes and these are equipped with axial piston engines that can manage continuous work under high strain and high efficiency.

There are available three axial piston engine with different oil consumption.

All exposed components of the cutting heads are manufactured from HARDOX® for ultimate durability and lifetime.

The powerful chain magazine in the cutting head has room for extra chain links, making it easy to lengthen the chain as it wears.

Hydraulic chain mowers are suitable for connecting to excavator booms and the different connection frames are available as option.

❖ Connection frames S40, S50, S60, NPT-10
❖ Strengthened chains 10/13 mm

Width (cm)Required amount of oil (l/min)Required oil pressure (bar)Chain diameter (mm)Width/length/height (cm)Weight (kg)