PH 270

OPTIMAL® Rotating brushes for excavator

Optimal® rotating brushes for excavators are designed to be efficient
and easy to maintain. Two hydraulic engines quarantee that the
sweeper rollers rotate evenly, even in situations where the brush is
pressed exceptionally hard against the ground.

The standard equipment includes mudguard and support legs to
facilitate in storage.

Standard equipment

  • Mudguard
  • Support legs (2)
ModelPH 270
Operating width (A)270 cm
Width (B)205 cm
Diameter with mud quard (C)100 cm
Height (D)120 cm
Diameter (E)90 cm
Recommended oil flow70 l/min
Oil pressure (min-max)160-230 bar
Weight (without connecting frame)330 kg

Connecting frames:
- S40
- S45
- S50
- S60
- NTP10
Hydraulic flow limiter (required for flow over 80 l/min)