Effective de-icing

Optimal® spreaders are used for skid prevention to fight slippery and icy roads. Spreaders quarantee effective and seamless deicing. Spreader combine simple use with spreading sand (0-4 mm), gravel (2-8 mm) and salt. Spreaders are adapted for all agricultural tractors, wheel loaders and compact loaders. These are run and operated using the machinery’s hydraulics. Self-loading function is available with hydraulic top link and transmitter with 3-point frame as an option. Spreaders can be filled above or by using the hydraulic selfloading – to lower the spreader like a bucket and subsequently load from a pile of materials.

A wide range of models

Optimal® spreader are available with spreading widths from 110 cm to 220 cmwith volumes from 250 l up to 2700 l. All models work with an extra mixing roller to reduce unwanted breakdowns when working with wet and icy materials. The SP400-SP600 models offer a quick coupling system where the connecting frame can be changed easily depending on the machinery’s attachment.

Flow regulator for over 70 l/min

Standard equipped with flow regulator for over 70 l/min.

Mixing roller and insert plates

The spreader is standard equipped with mixing roller to reduce unwanted breakdowns when working with wet and/ or icy materials. In addition two insert plates of 60 cm are included to reduce spreading width or to make specific tracks. Also there are safety grills available as an option.

Self-loading spreader

With Optimal transmitter rod and hydraulic top link (optional), the spreader becomes self-loading of the material - saving the need for an extra tractor and thus both time and money.

Robust construction

Robust dimensions of Swedish steel, wear steel and wear plates for outfeeding roller in Hardox®. High-quality hydraulic components, powder coated, powerfully dimensioned chain drive - all to ensure a problem free working day and long lasting spreader.

Protected bearings and adjustable handle for rubber cloth

Well protected externally mounted bearings. A handle that sits on the side of the diffuser adjusts the rubber cloth to prevent material leakage while driving.

Spreadig width (cm)110
Volume (l)250
Overall dimensions, (m)0,6 x 1,35 x 0,6
Distributor vanesKat.0/Kat.1
Weight (kg)125