• The generous height of the plough enables more material to be moved and a reduction in snow spray.
  • The wings can be rotated 180 degrees.
  • Accumulator as standard.
  • Robust construction for tough conditions.
  • The positive 15 degree angle of the cutting edge enables effective cutting and even cleaner ploughing results.
  • The connection with built-in floating positions is available for different types of machinery.
  • Smooth, adjustable cutting edge as standard. Perforated and rubber blade available as options.
  • All functions operated from the cab.
  • Only one double-acting socket is needed to operate the plough’s hydraulic functions.
Measurements A440 cm
Measurements B385 cm
Measurements C181 cm
Measurements D+/- 30º
Measurements E204 cm
Measurements F 258 cm
Measurements G295 cm
Wing angle180º
SteeringElectric, 3 functions
Total hydraulic sockets1 double-acting
Weight1115 kg
440222Attachment, 3-point floating position. Cat. II.
440219Attachment, Euro floating position.
440220Attachment Stora BM floating position, with 2 pcs. 24V solenoid.
440221Attachment Trima/SMS floating position.
320182LED lights
320322Support wheel
Radio controlled operation of plough wings.
Rubber scraper blades.